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iHANA SAP-centric hosting

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SAP-centric solutions

Get SAP® on a next-generation hosted platform

Run your SAP implementation on iSphere Cloud’s iHANA offering: a hosted virtualized platform that is SAP-specific, with secure multi-tenant environments and complete data security per tenant data environment.
iHANA is hosted within South African vendor-neutral environments.

Customer & Network Access

  • Private (Layer 2 Point to Point)

  • Hybrid (Layer 2 Point to Point & Layer 3 Internet & SSL/IPSEC VPN)

  • Cloud (Layer 3 via 1:1 National & International Protected Internet)

  • NAP Africa Peering Platform

  • NAP Africa Cloud Exchange

Extensive Data Security

  • Physical Location

  • Virtual Environment

  • Network Access Environment

Hosting of SAP per SID

  • HANA (as per SAP-certified KPI requirement)

  • HANA S4 (as per SAP-certified KPI requirement)

  • R3 (as per SAP sizing or Quick-Sizer requirement)

  • HANA Systems provided per SAP HANA “T-Shirt Sizing” or as per client requirements for larger systems/environments

  • COMPLETE SCALABILITY: Instances may be upgraded or downgraded rapidly and on-demand

  • Creation of SAP SID Virtual Profiles/Templates for Rapid provisioning

  • Cloning of SAP Instances for Rapid off-line maintenance and/or development within SAP

  • Up-Time SLA and Full Support 24/7/365

All iHANA hosted instances

  • Tier 1 SAP Basis Support

  • SAP Application Level Monitoring & Optimization

  • HA (High Availability – System not dependent on single hardware host)

  • Defined Tier 1 Disk Space per instance (upgradeable on-demand), inclusive of Back-Up Capacity and Cold DR Capacity

  • Data Back Up of Instance (On & Off Site / Disk-to-Disk-to Disk)

  • Connectivity & Network Support to both PRD & DR Instances

  • Virtualization, Monitoring, Replication & Back-up Software Licensing at NO ADDITIONAL COST

  • OS & Central DB monitoring at NO ADDITIONAL COST